Return/Refund Policies

What is Etoren Return policy?

You may return your item to us within 7 calendar days upon receipt of delivery with valid reasons below. Day count starts from the date you received the item to the time you submit your return request.
After 7 days, products may be returned only under warranty coverage. Please refer to Warranty

For which reasons can I return an item?

You may want to return your item due to any of the following reasons, please send us a return request vie enquiry form first and wait for our shipping instructions.

  1. Damaged(due to shipping)*
  2. Wrong item delivered
  3. Missing parts**
  4. Change of mind***

All returns with reason stated above must be reported and completed within 7days (except warranty -12months) of receiving items.

*Damaged parcels or cosmetic damage must be reported within 24 hours of receipt and return accepted only with shipping damaged declaration by delivery company. Item must keep original condition without any accessory, case, protections used. 

** We will first attempt to send you the missing parts/items. In case we cannot prepare replacement, we will accept return of product.

*** Please refer to FAQ below for more details on Change of mind


Who covers the cost of return shipping?

Within 7days for all return reasons listed (except for change of mind), we will cover cost of necessary return shipping.

From 8th day onwards till end of warranty period, buyer will pay for return shipment to us and after servicing, we will return product to buyer at our cost.


 How do I return an item?

Step 1

Read return policy

Step 2

Submit online return form

Step 3

Etoren will send you email for pick up information

Step 4

Print out email, insert and pack items in box

Step 5

Items will be picked up by shipping company

If you understood the returns/refund policies in this section and wish to proceed, please send us an Online return request

The procedure will follow as above. Please ensure to pack your return item(s) in the original packaging along with all accessories packed securely and all other items not supplied in original packaging removed. The best way to pack is using original packaging from shipping company. If you don't have it, please make sure it is packed with appropriate cushioning, preferably padded with bubble wrap or foam packaging.

What happens after I submit an email request for return?

  1. Our customer service agent will contact you shortly to confirm return acceptance
  2. We will provide shipping company information and instruction for pickup.
  3. You will receive an email once your returned item is received at our warehouse
  4. We will evaluate the product based on your return request and update you within 3 working days after receipt of the item

Can I return the product if I changed my mind? If yes, is there any cost to make the returns?

Yes, you may decide to return the product with 7 days of receipt in case you changed your mind. However, refund policy related to ‘Change of Mind’ applies.
We will make partial refund after deducting these costs:

  • Restocking fee: 30% of product price
  • All cost to refurbish product to Original shipped condition
  • Cost incurred during importation process (duties, shipping, import permit fees etc) in case of delivery duty paid,
In case of other reasons for return, we will bear the cost of returns and make full refund as long as it fulfills all Returns Acceptance conditions. Otherwise, cost to refurbish product to Original shipped condition will be deducted from refund amount.


In case of refunds, how and when do I get the money back from Etoren?

Refund method is dependent on the payment method used for purchase. Please see the details below:

Payment Method (at the time of purchase) Refund Method Processing Time (after refund is confirmed)
Credit card/Debit card Credit card (to same card only) 5 - 20 working days
Paypal Paypal 5 working days
Cash on Delivery Bank transfer/Store credit 3 - 5 working days

What happens if the return claim is not valid?

If your return claim is not valid, we will not be able to apply our standard customer protection policies. There are 2 options:

  1. The product will be shipped back to you as per condition we received but shipping cost and/or any import duties/fees payable upon re-entering your country will be payable by you.
  2. Apply ‘Change of mind’ under our Return policies. Please refer to Terms and conditions Change of mind

How do I track my return status?

You can track return status using website of the logistic provider and its tracking number which we sent to you via email. If you have further enquiries, the shipping companies will be able to provide you a more accurate and updated status of the deliveries.