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LG is about to impress us with the new LG G5 flagship

New LG G5 flagship

LG has been known to issue stunning smartphones over the last few years and its upcoming news seems to keep up that trend. We’ve been coming across more and more specs leaking as to LG G5 that is on its way to the market in 2016 and decided to share all the details we’ve got so far. All the reliable sources, like Chinese site Weibo for example, claim that LG G5 is going to demonstrate a stunning upgrade in regard to almost all the main elements, such as memory, durability, power, speed, camera and a lot...

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Android vs. iOS, Apple vs. Samsung, iPhone 6S vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung S6 and iPhone 6s comparison

Many if not all would argue that iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 are the best smartphone flagships of 2015. Now that the year is ending, we had plenty of chances to actually use them and thus issue a trustworthy comment on these gadgets. A lot of end users would claim that it’s all about your personal preferences as to the operating system. That sounds true, but we still want to dig into the main features and their advantages/disadvantages.

Samsung S6 iPhone 6s


Galaxy S6: 6.9mm thick, aluminium...

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5 best budget smartphones in 2015

5 best budget smartphones

Who says expensive flagship phones have to be an immediate need? They are joy to the eye and give a great usage experience. But there are so many cases when you are more than satisfied with a very well done budget model: a new phone for a kid who tends to break them every now and then, a second phone for some specific purposes, and many others. It’s quite easy to choose a spectacular flagman with the cash at hand. But when the budget is tight, you want to have a good comparison choice as well....

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The Apple smart battery case - should i get it?

All you want to know about Apple smart battery case 

batt case

Are you a happy iPhone 6 or 6s owner? And most likely you’re experiencing low battery life when using your gadget very actively? Then you will just love the news that Apple has announced the release of its Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Highly practical but not too elegant

The smart case is designed to give a consistent level of protection against falls and scratches alongside with 25 hours of extra usage. Going in line with previous cases from Apple...

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5 cool things you didn't know your Android can do

With all these absolutely amazing smartphones that emerge nowadays we are experiencing revolutionary camera features and get to use great apps, can play latest generation games with the powerful processors. But most of us rarely take our time to find out about nice little features that our smartphone has in store for us. Here’s a list of great tips of how to get more out of your Android smartphone.

  • Access Chrome tabs from other devices

  • Let’s admit it, Chrome is the browser we’re using the most. But were you aware how easy it Is to access...

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