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Xiaomi mi 6 rumors to launch in February or April.

Xiaomi is clearly already working on the Mi 6, the true successor for the Mi 5 from this year. The Mi 6 should be unveiled at some point in early 2017. When exactly that will happen is still a mystery. Here are some of things we know about xiaomi mi 6.    


The Mi6 is rumored to be getting a slight size enhancement as the 5.0” Mi5 will be getting an extra couple of inches in the Xiaomi Mi6 screen. It’s looking like Xiaomi will be holding nothing back with the screen specs...

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Xiaomi's new curved Note 2 flagship phone is just so powerful

Xiaomi announced their take on the curved phone design with the Mi Note 2, featuring a 5.7-inch flexible OLED display that curves around the sides of the handset.

mi note 2

It sits under a panel of curved glass that, according to Xiaomi, widens the field of vision for the wraparound portions of the screen. Xiaomi says the custom display, which allows for nearly 10 percent more screen real estate as compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, is six times more expensive to produce than a standard 5.5-inch LCD screen.

The device is made of aluminium and features...

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Xiaomi Mi Mix must have the most outstanding phone design of 2016

In the (suprise)second phone to be annouced after Note 2 at the Beijing event, Xiaomi released what could be the most beautiful smartphone oof 2016 - Xiaomi Mi Mix. The phone is developed in partnership with Philippe Starck, a godly figure in product design. What was borne from this partnership is a sleek 6.4-inch body made entirely of ceramic and literally NO bezels on three sides.

mi mix

That makes for a screen-to-body ratio an impossibly 91.3 percent! If you compare that with The iPhone 7 Plus 67.7 percent and Google Pixel XL managed 71.2 percent, the Xiaomi Mi Mix looks...

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Xiaomi aims at Apple,Samsung with new Mi5 smartphone

On Wednesday, the Chinese company, Xiaomi, launched its newest flagship, Mi5 with a view to extending its market beyond its current market.

Xiaomi Mi5

The device will be available in two variants both having 5.15-inch display. The first variant will be the 120GB costing $354 and the other one will cost around $254 dollars and will have a 32GB memory.

The Xiaomi Mi5 will first be launched in China, followed by other markets of the company. Some of the features you should expect from the smartphone include a curvy back, a fingerprint sensor, and a 16MP...

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Smartphone Companies That Will Give Apple a Tough Time This Year

We have rounded up some of the companies that are going to give Apple Inc. a tough time this year with their newest flagships. Each of this company will have their products reviewed in a separate article, but here, you can find some of their strong points to combat Apple in 2016.

best smartphones


Huawei is a company that Apple Inc. needs to start looking at. Mobile phone giants like Nokia, Samsung, LG, have become household name. But that is all about that. From what we have seen in the past few years with Huawei,...

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