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The new Apple iPhone to feature iOS 10: what to expect

There are many already many talks on the upgrades coming to the iPhone. Although there are not major upgrades to the iPhone, you should expect to see many minor improvements and tweaks for the upcoming device, among which is the iOS 10.


According to the California smartphone giant, the beta version of the software will be publicly available and customers will be able to get their own – free of charge – come September. Apple has introduced 10 points that will see the launch of the iOS 10 and here they are in order:

  1. Bigger...

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Nexus 5X versus iPhone SE: Battle of the upper middle class

The battle of mid-range smartphones from different manufacturers has brought about drop in the price of phones relative to prices. This alone has enabled many customers to benefit. Most of the smartphones in this section have been packed with some good specs in a very small space so that they can be achievable. This means that most people will be able to get their hands on phones that are affordable and yet offers a good enough spec. 

5x vs iphone se

The iPhone SE and the Nexus 5X are two different phones from manufacturers that both have excellent...

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Apple goes small with launch of iPhone SE and new iPad Pro

On Wednesday, Apple released the iPhone SE and a smaller version of the iPad Pro at its San Francisco headquarters. This is a step toward starting the upgrade cycle for its smartphone and tablet range.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 5S, with its aluminum casing and 4-inch display. According to the company, the iPhone SE is a reinvention of the iPhone inside out.

iphone SE

The iPhone SE has been built to offer exceptional power and performance. In terms of performance, it will be similar to the 6S and 6S Plus...

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Apple Watch (2016) to Enter Mass Production in Q2

A new report has surfaced that the second generation of Apple Watch will enter into mass production in the second quarter of this year. According to DigiTime, only Quanta will be allowed to make the Apple watch. Quanta is the company that manufactured the first generation of Apple Watch.Apple watch 

DigiTime site the report from the upstream supply chain and since Apple feels it might not enjoy quite the same result as it has enjoyed with the first generation wearable – which did strongly well in the later part of 2015 – it is making Quanta...

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4-inch Apple iPhone 5se - A9 chip and 64GB?

4-inch Apple iPhone 5se to be powered by A9 chip, come in 64GB version?

 Apple A9 chip

A couple of days back, new information revealed that the alleged 4-inch Apple iPhone will be called the iPhone 5se. Just yesterday, an alleged picture of the new iPhone model together with an Apple iPhone 5 was leaked. Today, we bring you more details about the upcoming device.

New rumors indicate that the iPhone 5se will be powered by the powerful A9 chipset and M9 co-processor – similar to what is found in the Apple iPhone 6s. Despite the fact that...

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