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TCL reveals the new Blackberry "Mecury" with QWERTY keyboard


Finally we get a look at the much rumored Blackberry Mercury. We will have to stay with the rumored name for now since they have not released specs, price, launch date and even the name. We should expect them to be out when BlackBerry officially announces the phone close to Mobile World Congress in February.

mecury keyboard

From what we can get so far, the Mercury has a QWERTY keyboard with capacitive gesture capabilities, similar to the physical keyboard on Priv, something many BB fans has been waiting for. That means you...

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Images of BlackBerry Hamburg and BlackBerry Rome leak

blackberry Rome

BlackBerry CEO John Chen mentioned two upcoming BlackBerry models, both to be powered by Android. The most welcome difference from Blackcerry’s first Android powered device, the BlackBerry Priv, is that these are expected to be more affordable handsets priced in the $300-$400 range. There has been leaks of these rumoured handsets code named the BlackBerry Hamburg and BlackBerry Rome.Blackberry rome and hamburg

According to sources, The Rome will have a curved AMOLED display with a physical QWERTY and a large speaker that both reside at the bottom of the display.

Blackberry Rome...</p>

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Two Mid-Range BlackBerry Android Smartphones Coming This Year, Says Company CEO

Last year, the BlackBerry Priv was the first ever-Android smartphone from the company; however, it didn’t record the success that the company had hoped for. While it has won rave reviews for its performance and build, the price tag on the Priv eventually pushed back many buyers.  Later, the company admitted that the Priv might have been indeed expensive after getting feedback from even enterprise users that its price is steep.  

2 new blackberry

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, is reported to have confirmed the introduction of two mid-range Android devices. He stated that the phones would...

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MWC 2016: what to expect from the world’s biggest mobile tech show

There are only three major events worth anticipating when it comes to big mobile tech announcements – the IFA in Berlin, the CES in Las Vegas, and the MWC in Barcelona. In trade show calendar, the CES will be held before the MWC. And it is from the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event that we will see the announcement of new devices. What should you be expecting from the MWC 2016? 

Before we reveal some of the mobile tech announcement in Mobile World Congress 2016, let’s treat the question: when is the event? 

The event will come up in Barcelona...

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BlackBerry Fans: Expect one more Android smartphone this year

It seems that RIM is ready to cut more from the Android pie in this year, following the company's mild success with its Android BlackBerry Priv. With the continuous popularity and market share of Android smartphones increasing, it seems the company is looking forward to making its own profit from the increasing market share. Blackberry vienna

This year, there might be one or two BlackBerry phones. However, neither of this will come with the usual BlackBerry 10 software. The company seems to want to out one more Android smartphones.

According to the report reaching us, the company is planning...

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